2022 Summer News: New Record, Video, Productions and Tour Dates w Sarah Borges


May 20, 2022 – Eric Ambel released You Asked For It: The Shut In Singles Series on Lakeside Lounge Records today. The release is accompanied by a video for Ambel’s interpretation of “Honky Tonk Women”Mojo Nixon, who is playing the track on his SirusXM show, praised, “Finally – a honky tonk version of “Honky Tonk Women” – way to go Roscoe!” View the video here and listen to the album here.

When the COVID pandemic imposed an extended hiatus at Cowboy Technical Services, his 24-track analog/digital Brooklyn recording studio, veteran producer-guitarist songwriter Eric Ambel turned his attention to creating a series of new digital singles that found the versatile rocker exploring some challenging new musical territory, from the bare-wires groove of “From a Better Place” and the delinquent swagger of “It Ain’t Easy Being Cool” to Ambel’s memorable readings of classics by Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, George Harrison and Creedence Clearwater Revival. This personally charged body of recordings now forms the basis of You Asked for It, Ambel’s latest release on his own Lakeside Lounge label.

“At the beginning of the pandemic,” Ambel explains, “while locked out of the studio and sheltering at home, I decided to release some tracks I had on hand through Bandcamp as the Shut In Singles Series. Between March of 2020 and April of 2021, I released 11 different tracks. Some were previously unreleased, others had been on various compilations that were long out of print. You Asked For It is all of those tracks, presented with their original artwork and notes, plus one more, a version of “Honky Tonk Women” that I recorded with my old friends Jimbo Mathus and Keith Christopher. I hope you enjoy it; after all, You Asked For It!” The album is available on CD with a 28 page booklet at the Store page.

Jimbo Mathus produced the recording and directed the video for Ambel’s unique arrangement of the Rolling Stones classic. Filmed in Taylor, Mississippi the video features Mathus, “Captain” Kirk Bowie RusselJohn Kveen and Memphis songstress Amy LaVere as the band.

Ambel did not ride out the pandemic uploading tracks to Bandcamp from home. Known in the studio as “the live guy”, Ambel explains “the isolation necessitated a shift to a 70’s style overdub approach where the order of each person’s contribution becomes really important.  That said, file sharing and studio-to-studio streaming software like AudioMovers were incredibly helpful.” In the last 2 years Ambel has produced albums for Ward Hayden & The Outliers Free Country, Emily Duff Razor Blade Smile, Esquela A Sign From God, The Year Of, Loud & Clear June Star frontman Andrew Grimm, A Little Heat in addition to working on records and tracks for The Sad Bastards of Brooklyn, Mary Lee’s Corvette, Jimbo Mathus, Marc Berger, Surreal McCoys frontman Erik V. Huey and Portland, Oregon songwriter Jerry Joseph.

Ambel will be touring this summer and fall with Sarah Borges as they promote her latest Roscoe produced record, Together Alone, released by Blue Corn Music. They will hopefully tour UK and EU in November, dates are on the Gigs page with more to come as they are finalized. 

While it has been over 18 months since I’ve played a gig,

While it has been over 18 months since I’ve played a gig, the optimist inside reminds me it’s also been over 18 months since anybody has asked me to turn down.

I have been pretty busy in the studio and I wanted to let you know about this summer’s crop of releases I produced and played on.

I’m gonna list these starting by the most recent.  I hope you’ll be able to check them all out.  It was a blast and a pleasure to be involved with each of these records.

Ward Hayden & The Outliers: Free Country

“This album proves that they have continued to make music that has a relevance and a future, without compromising its core sound….but this time out they have featured original songs that reflect these times, morals and choices. A simple pleasure that is open to anyone who wants to listen as, after all, it’s a free country.” – Lonesome Highway

I produced these guys from Boston when they were known as Girls, Guns & Glory. I was very excited to re-connect with them for this record that we tracked in Cambridge and mixed in Brooklyn. You can get to Ward Hayden & The Outliers here.

Emily Duff: Razor Blade Smile  

“A Roadhouse Punk Rocker – The Clash meets Jerry Lee Lewis” – No Depression 

Emily brought me these wonderful songs and we put my band (Keith Christopher, Phil Cimino and myself), Charlie Giordano and Mary Lee Kortes around her. You can find Emily’s Music here.

Steve Welner: Back To You

“What captures one’s attention is how the swampy guitar and melodies at the onset creep along distinctly like the best of the Blasters, Del-Lords, Los Lobos” Americana Highways on Steve Welner’s new record.

I’ve worked with Steve for quite a while as a solo artist and with his band Fourteen Feet. Steve, Shawn Murray, Keith Christopher and myself made his new record at Cowboy Technical Services in Brooklyn. This is a beautiful song about a difficult journey for many of us.

The Year Of: Loud & Clear

Nuclear Family Fantasy called The Year Of’s new EP “punktry”. I call it exciting. The band tracked with me at Cowboy Technical then Brett and I collaborated virtually on the overdubs before doing final mixes at Cowboy. You can get their music at Bandcamp.

Esquela: A Sign From God

“In a crowded pack of Americana bands, Esquela distinguish themselves with their ferocious, often hilarious, fearlessly political lyrics and high-voltage guy/girl vocals. It’s been a slow year for rock records; count this as one of the best of the bunch so far.” – New York Music Daily

I love working on John “Chico” Finn’s songs. This record was really something. Chico came up with some great songs and I coached everybody as they turned in their performances remotely. The 70’s style of making this record turned out to be just the thing for Esquela! You can get their whole catalog here at Bandcamp. Esquela’s not shy about discussing the world we live in as you can see here.

Disclaimer! You know it has to be good!

Ok, I’m gonna add some more links to music here for you. I did a bunch of singles for the Sad Bastards Of Brooklyn that are available only at their Bandcamp page.

I also did a bunch of tracks for my buddy the Jimbo Mathus that are on his Bandcamp page but you gotta check out this song that I played guitar and pretended to be the harmony singing Jordanaires

I’d also like to mention the Andrew Grimm solo record that was released by Whistle Pig that you can grab on Bandcamp. I had a blast working on music with Andrew.

So that’s some of the music I’ve produced that’s been released so far in the last year. I’m also working tirelessly on new recordings from Mary Lee’s Corvette, Sarah Borges, Marc Berger, Erik Huey and Jerry Joseph. I’ll fill you in as those records become available. You can follow me on Instagram and you might also want to follow me on Youtube also as I’ve made some interesting playlists over there. Thank you friends,

Eric Ambel 8.24.2021

Sending you a greeting from home

Hello Music Fans,

I’ve procrastinated posting over here long enough. I have musical stuff to tell you about while we all have time on our hands.

Before things got crazy a couple records I produced were just released. Nobody can go on tour right now but you can get their hot new records.

New Produced by Eric Ambel records from Spanking Charlene and the Emily Duff Band

Fabulous new records for Spanking Charlene and Emily Duff both recorded and mixed at Cowboy Technical Services. We’ve updated our website so check out when you have the chance.

I have been trying to use my time well. I started releasing the Shut In Singles Series on my page over at Bandcamp. So far I’ve released 4 titles and I have another 6 ready to go on the Eric Ambel Bandcamp page.

Shut In Singles Series at Bandcamp

I also recently did a live streaming concert from my home for the folks at Americana Highways. It was a special show for me. I sang songs by some of the artists that I have been lucky enough to produce over the years like The Bottle Rockets, Blue Mountain, Greg Trooper, The Backsliders, Kelley Looney and Jimbo Mathus. The folks at Americana Highways archived the show for us all at Youtube.

I’ve also got some records and songs in the works from DL Marble, Colleen Mann, Mary Lee Kortes, Andrew Grimm and Sarah Borges.

I’m available for remote production, mixing and guitar overdubs. You can always reach me at info@ericambel.com

I hope you all are safe and healthy as you read this and I hope we’ll all be more tactilely together soon.

Please follow me on Instagram at the_ericambel

Thanks for clicking on my website 2019

Hello there. I’m playing gigs this summer with Sarah Borges and Spanking Charlene. Music, hats and t-shirts still available at the Store page.

Busy making records at Cowboy Technical and doing guitar overdubs for folks from home.

Heading to Russia to perform with Mary Lee’s Corvette in support of Mary Lee Kortes’ awesome new book “Dreaming of Dylan: 115 Dreams About Bob”

photo by Stephen Lovkin

Let’s hear it for 2018

Was very happy to see so many of you this year out there on the road and sea doing gigs with Sarah Borges and on my own.

It was quite the year with records that I produced from The Bottle Rockets, Sarah Borges and Bourbon Express all being released on vinyl and digital.

2018 Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel

Plus records I mixed by Finland’s super rocking Devil Dog Road and the fabulous Squirrel Nut Zippers.

I put out a CD of songs from my first 3 solo albums titled, oddly enough, The Roscoe Sampler and I also put pen to paper and made a Roscoe T-shirt designed from one of my favorite pieces of outboard gear, the Urie 1178 Stereo Compressor.

Urie only made the stereo version of the 1176 for one year and we have one at CTS


After doing a tour with both The Bottle Rockets and Sarah Borges celebrating their newly released records I got the chance to write my first song with the lovely Mary Lee Kortes called “Dreaming of Him” and we did it to commemorate her just released by BMG Books hardcover coffee table wonder titled “Dreaming of Dylan: 115 Dreams About Bob“.

I know you’ve got a lot of this stuff but if you’d like to make a special holiday gift purchase my able web-store elves will take $10 off any purchase of 3 or more items.

There’s some good stuff coming up in 2019 too.

I’ve completed producing a record for Girls On Grass titled “Dirty Power” that should be out this spring.  Also put the finishing touches on the first solo record by Nate Schweber titled “Gaps In My Resume” which was mixed at Evie’s Terrace and I’m doing the last day of mixing on the upcoming Spanking Charlene release next week.

Keep your eye on the gigs page as I play pretty often with my own band, Sarah Borges, Mark McKay and Spanking Charlene

And don’t forget my Christmas songs from Solo Sounds.

White Christmas


The Christmas Song

And a funky home video I made too.

2 New Albums, tour dates and a t-shirt

Hello Music Fans, I have some news.  I’ve got 2 records that I produced coming out on October 12th, some tour dates and, for the first time in a very long time, a t-shirt available on my website.

I’ve been working with The Bottle Rockets since 1994’s “The Brooklyn Side”. Their new record titled “Bit Logic” will be the 7th record I’ve produced for them (not including mixing for “Not So Loud” and “The Bottle Rockets Movie”).

The band wanted to get a little more ‘country’ for this one and that means Bottle Rockets Country, not Wardrobe Country.  As with their last full length “South Broadway Athletic Club” their new one was recorded in one song a day fashion in St. Louis and mixed with Mario Viele and I at Cowboy Technical in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Every member of the band made big contributions to the record and we kept it “in house” with just Brian, Mark, Keith, John and I playing on it.  To me this is the most interesting sounding Bottle Rockets record since 1997’s “24 Hours A Day”.  

It’s available everywhere through Bloodshot Records on Oct 12th.  Pre-order here.  Have a listen to the title track.

Sarah Borges and I met through the band formerly known as Girls Guns & Glory (now Ward Hayden & the Outliers). I ended up producing and playing on her “Good & Dirty” EP.  When my “Lakeside” record came out she offered to do some combo shows with me. In the last couple years we’ve done a lot of them where we perform each other’s songs with her crack band The Broken Singles.

For her new record “Love’s Middle Name” we recorded quick and live at the new Cowboy Technical in Greenpoint. Sarah’s very fearless in the studio and she likes the rough edges that over doing the process has a way of smoothing out. This one’s definitely not smooth.

We had been doing a couple duets live and I was very excited and surprised when Sarah brought one that she wrote for us to do on the record. You can hear “Get As Gone Can Get” below and pre-order the album here.

As luck would have it The Bottle Rockets and Sarah Borges will be touring for a couple of weeks. I’ll be playing with Sarah and Mark Ortmann and Keith Vogele from the Bottle Rockets will be playing bass and drums with us like they did on the 2018 Outlaw Country Cruise.

Here are the dates.

10/11/18 Grand Rapids, Michigan Tip Top Deluxe
10/12/18 Cleveland, OH Beachland Tavern
10/13/18 Buffalo, NY The Sportsman’s Tavern
10/14/18 Toronto, Ontario Lee’s Palace
10/16/18 Northampton, MA Iron Horse Music Hall
10/17/18 New York Hill Country BBQ
10/18/18 Washington DC Gypsy Sally’s
10/19/18 Philadelphia, PA MilkBoy

There are more gigs with Spanking Charlene, The Mark McKay Band and some solo Roscoe house concerts listed on the Gigs page.

I’ve also got a T-shirt. This is a hand drawing I made of the Urie 1178 Stereo Compressor we have at Cowboy Technical. We use this compressor on the drum overheads of almost all of our recordings and I thought it would make a cool t-shirt. It’s available on the Store page.  Limited quantities hop on it!

Jimbo Mathus at CTS in his Roscoe T-Shirt

If you want to stay up to date you can read about various goings on with recordings, guitars, bikes and food on my Produced By Eric “Roscoe” Ambel Facebook page or follow me at The_Eric Ambel on Instagram

Summer 2018 Lots of Musical goings on going on.

The Bottle Rockets next record titled “Bit Logic” has been recorded (in St. Louis), mixed (in Brooklyn) and mastered (in Nashville) and is slated for an October release on Bloodshot Records from Chicago.  This is the 7th record I’ve produced for the band and I’m super excited for you to be able to hear it soon.  Go to their site for pre-order info.

Eric Ambel, Brian Henneman, Keith Vogele at Cowboy Technical in Greenpoint, Brooklyn mixing the upcoming Bottle Rockets record.

In 2014 I got to meet Sarah Borges through the guys from Girls, Guns & Glory.  I produced her EP “Good & Dirty” which was released in 2016 and since then we have played a lot of shows together.  Me playing her songs and Sarah backing me on mine.  We’ve got 10 tracks for her upcoming album “Love’s Middle Name” completed and we’ll start mixing soon.  This record is to be released in October too. Go here to pre-order Sarah’s new record.

Twangfest 22 June 9. 18 photo by Nate Burrel

Spanking Charlene’s next record titled “Find Me Out” is also in the works in Brooklyn at Cowboy Technical Services.  We’ve got all the songs recorded and are one day of overdubs away from mixing on that one too.  It’s a barnburner for sure.  Fans of Spanking Charlene and their alter ego the Sad Bastards of Brooklyn are gonna like it.

Also working on records with Girls On Grass, Nate Schweber, HEAP and Mary Lee Kortes.

I’ll also be mixing Devil Dog Road‘s upcoming record.  The new Squirrel Nut Zippers record “Beasts of Burgundy” that Mario Viele and I mixed at Cowboy Technical has been on the iTunes Jazz chart!

My band will play 2 special gigs July 12 & 13 supporting the great Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ at Hill Country in DC and Manhattan.

Keep an eye on the gigs pages as I play monthly with the Mark McKay Band and Spanking Charlene.

More gigs with Sarah Borges coming up this fall and if you don’t have it already check out the Roscoe Sampler on the Store page.

e-mail info@cowboytechnical.com for more info about recording or mixing at CTS

2018 is here!

Hello Friends,

I’m starting the new year with a lot of work in the studio and a trip to the 3rd Sold Out Outlaw Country Cruise.  It’s gonna be exciting with many musical friends on the boat.  I’ll be playing my own gigs and also backing up Sarah Borges plus who knows what!?!

In the last year doing gigs in support of the Lakeside album I’ve met a lot of new people.  As I was getting ready for the Outlaw Country Cruise it came to me that it might be nice to have playlist type record with songs from “Roscoe’s Gang”, “Loud & Lonesome” and “Knucklehead” for the fans, both new and old.  I’ve also included an unreleased song of mine titled A Charmer’s Tale in the record which I’m calling the “Roscoe Sampler”

I made this special for the Outlaw Country Cruise but I have a few at my store page too.

I’ve got records underway with Sarah Borges, Mary Lee Kortes, Spanking Charlene and The Bottle Rockets.  Hope to head to Tempe, AZ soon too to record DL Marble again.  Keep an eye on the gigs page ’cause I’m adding gigs all the time.

Get yourself some Christmas Cheer

Hello Friends,

I’ve been telling you about the Solo Sounds label from time to time.  Stereophile Magazine did a nice profile on us in their December issue.  Read it here.  They quote Bullethead and explain the whole thing better than I could.  We’ve probably made 70 solo instrumental albums in the last 3 years.  I found time to record 2 songs myself Solo Sounds style.  You can get them now at all the digital music download spots.  

iTunes: Eric Ambel “The Christmas Song”

iTunes: Eric Ambel “White Christmas”

There’s been all kinds of musical activity this year.  I continued to share the stage with the awesome Sarah Borges playing both of our songs.  I mixed a record for the Finnish rock and roll band Devil Dog Road.  The great Tom Heyman record that I mixed called “Show Business Baby” came out to the delight of many rock and roll fans.  We started work on a new Spanking Charlene studio record and I also produced a new band from NYC called Bourbon Express and started a new Surreal McCoys recording.  All of those records will be out in 2018.  Also for 2018 is the new Squirrel Nut Zippers record titled Beasts of Burgundy.  Mario Viele and I mixed that one too at Cowboy Technical Services in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me play.  It was a great year and the EU/UK tour with Warner Hodges and Webb Wilder was a real highlight.  Hope to make it over again.

Hope to see some of you on the sold out Outlaw Country Cruise in January too.

Also starting a new record for The Bottle Rockets in February.