2018 is here!

Hello Friends,

I’m starting the new year with a lot of work in the studio and a trip to the 3rd Sold Out Outlaw Country Cruise.  It’s gonna be exciting with many musical friends on the boat.  I’ll be playing my own gigs and also backing up Sarah Borges plus who knows what!?!

In the last year doing gigs in support of the Lakeside album I’ve met a lot of new people.  As I was getting ready for the Outlaw Country Cruise it came to me that it might be nice to have playlist type record with songs from “Roscoe’s Gang”, “Loud & Lonesome” and “Knucklehead” for the fans, both new and old.  I’ve also included an unreleased song of mine titled A Charmer’s Tale in the record which I’m calling the “Roscoe Sampler”

I made this special for the Outlaw Country Cruise but I have a few at my store page too.

I’ve got records underway with Sarah Borges, Mary Lee Kortes, Spanking Charlene and The Bottle Rockets.  Hope to head to Tempe, AZ soon too to record DL Marble again.  Keep an eye on the gigs page ’cause I’m adding gigs all the time.