Stontree headstock b&w 1


BARD’S SONG Dulcitar w LR Baggs pickup

BARD’S SONG Dulcitar w LR Baggs pickup
BOURGEOIS Vintage OM Mahogany

GIBSON Advanced Jumbo w rosewood back and sides
MARTIN ’66 D-20S 12 string
TAYLOR Baby with Fishman pickup

DANELECTRO Double neck Baritone/6
DANELECTRO DC 12 w pickup blend mod
ESP Telecaster w Parsons- White Stringbender and Peter Florence Voodoo pickups
ESP Stratocaster w ebony fretboard
ESP P-Bass w Jazz pickup
FENDER Telecaster ’67 rosewood board w Fralin tele pickup and Gibson P-94
FENDER Stratocaster ’83 ’57 reissue w custom wound Lindy Fralin pickups
FIFTH AVE FRETSHOP Whorehouse Telecaster w Lindy Fralin pickups and Esquire neck
GIBSON Historic Les Paul Standard ’58 Chambered w Peter Florence Voodoo ’59 Pickups

First Act Custom Shop Delgada w Lollar Low Wind Imperials and Bigsby B 5 
GIBSON Historic Les Paul Special ’60 Single cutaway w Fralin P-90s
GRETSCH Spectra-Sonic model w Bigsby & TV Jones pickups
HARMONY single cut solid body electric w single gold foil DeArmond pickup
JERRY JONES Electric 12 string w pickup blend mod
MAGNATONE Aloha Lap Steel
MOJOBUILT Custom Baritone Guitar w DeArmond gold foil pickups and Deep Six neck
PAUL REED SMITH McCarty Model w custom wound pickups
STONETREE Tele Custom Roscoecaster with maple cap neck and custom wound Fralin pickups

STONETREE Roscoecaster w rosewood board, P-90 neck pickup and Todd Hanson paintjob

STONETREE Roscoe Deluxe oversized semi-hollow mahogony w spruce top, Fralin P-92’s,Bigsby

STONETREE Roscoe Special w 2 Duncan P-90’s and wrap tail bridge


Dr Z MAZ 8 single ended class A combo with Celestion Alnico Blue 12″ speaker
Dr Z MAZ 18 Jr NR 18 watt class A head (red)

Dr Z Z-28 class A dual 6V6 head (red)

Dr Z Carmen Ghia with 12″ Eminence Lil’ Texas NEO Speaker

Dr Z 2 x 12″ blonde open back cabinet (blonde) w Celestion Alnico Blue and Celestion G12H speakers
OAHU 30 watt class A head
OAHU dual 6V6 class A w 10″ Eminence Alnico
SUPRO 5 watt blonde head
SUPRO Super 606 w 8″ Jensen and custom attenuated power amp out circuit
SUPRO 8 watt Tremolo amp 10″ Eminence
FENDER Bassman- ’62 blonde w tube rectifier
FENDER Super Reverb- ’69 w Eminence 10’s
FENDER Pro Jr. w Mercury Magnetics Transformer and custom Mather cabinet w 12″ Eminence Tonkerlite NEO
FENDER Pro Jr. blonde w Jensen Alnico
FENDER Deluxe II w Jensen Alnico Bluebell
FENDER 2×12″ cab blonde w Jensen Alnicos
FENDER 2×12″ cab ’65 black w Jensen Alnicos
FENDER 1×15″ cab blonde w JBL E150
GIBSON Super Goldtone 2×10″open/ 2×12″ closed back cabinet
SILVERTONE w 6″ Jensen
DEMETER SSC-1 Silent Speaker Cabinet w Jensen Alnico Bluebell 12″
RANDALL Iso 10 Ported bass guitar Silent Speaker Cabinet w Eminence 10″
LEO Custom converted phono amplifier for guitar