While it has been over 18 months since I’ve played a gig,


While it has been over 18 months since I’ve played a gig, the optimist inside reminds me it’s also been over 18 months since anybody has asked me to turn down.

I have been pretty busy in the studio and I wanted to let you know about this summer’s crop of releases I produced and played on.

I’m gonna list these starting by the most recent.  I hope you’ll be able to check them all out.  It was a blast and a pleasure to be involved with each of these records.

Ward Hayden & The Outliers: Free Country

“This album proves that they have continued to make music that has a relevance and a future, without compromising its core sound….but this time out they have featured original songs that reflect these times, morals and choices. A simple pleasure that is open to anyone who wants to listen as, after all, it’s a free country.” – Lonesome Highway

I produced these guys from Boston when they were known as Girls, Guns & Glory. I was very excited to re-connect with them for this record that we tracked in Cambridge and mixed in Brooklyn. You can get to Ward Hayden & The Outliers here.

Emily Duff: Razor Blade Smile  

“A Roadhouse Punk Rocker – The Clash meets Jerry Lee Lewis” – No Depression 

Emily brought me these wonderful songs and we put my band (Keith Christopher, Phil Cimino and myself), Charlie Giordano and Mary Lee Kortes around her. You can find Emily’s Music here.

Steve Welner: Back To You

“What captures one’s attention is how the swampy guitar and melodies at the onset creep along distinctly like the best of the Blasters, Del-Lords, Los Lobos” Americana Highways on Steve Welner’s new record.

I’ve worked with Steve for quite a while as a solo artist and with his band Fourteen Feet. Steve, Shawn Murray, Keith Christopher and myself made his new record at Cowboy Technical Services in Brooklyn. This is a beautiful song about a difficult journey for many of us.

The Year Of: Loud & Clear

Nuclear Family Fantasy called The Year Of’s new EP “punktry”. I call it exciting. The band tracked with me at Cowboy Technical then Brett and I collaborated virtually on the overdubs before doing final mixes at Cowboy. You can get their music at Bandcamp.

Esquela: A Sign From God

“In a crowded pack of Americana bands, Esquela distinguish themselves with their ferocious, often hilarious, fearlessly political lyrics and high-voltage guy/girl vocals. It’s been a slow year for rock records; count this as one of the best of the bunch so far.” – New York Music Daily

I love working on John “Chico” Finn’s songs. This record was really something. Chico came up with some great songs and I coached everybody as they turned in their performances remotely. The 70’s style of making this record turned out to be just the thing for Esquela! You can get their whole catalog here at Bandcamp. Esquela’s not shy about discussing the world we live in as you can see here.

Disclaimer! You know it has to be good!

Ok, I’m gonna add some more links to music here for you. I did a bunch of singles for the Sad Bastards Of Brooklyn that are available only at their Bandcamp page.

I also did a bunch of tracks for my buddy the Jimbo Mathus that are on his Bandcamp page but you gotta check out this song that I played guitar and pretended to be the harmony singing Jordanaires

I’d also like to mention the Andrew Grimm solo record that was released by Whistle Pig that you can grab on Bandcamp. I had a blast working on music with Andrew.

So that’s some of the music I’ve produced that’s been released so far in the last year. I’m also working tirelessly on new recordings from Mary Lee’s Corvette, Sarah Borges, Marc Berger, Erik Huey and Jerry Joseph. I’ll fill you in as those records become available. You can follow me on Instagram and you might also want to follow me on Youtube also as I’ve made some interesting playlists over there. Thank you friends,

Eric Ambel 8.24.2021