Eric Ambel has been working with bands in the studio producing records since the mid ’80’s.  He is known for his work with guitar bands and singer songwriters.  He’s been able to use his experience as a band leader (Roscoe’s Gang), band member (Del-Lords, Yayhoos), sideman (Steve Earle & the Dukes, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts), session player (Keri Noble, Casey Neil, Syd Straw, Mojo Nixon, Run DMC/Everlast) songwriter and occasional engineer to the production process.  Ambel is known for capturing moving performances that reflect the strength of the artists he’s worked with.

In January of 2000 Eric Ambel and longtime friend and collaborator Tim Hatfield set up their own workshop style recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig.  At Cowboy they surrounded themselves with fine analog gear, the latest digital technology and a great collection of instruments. Clients include the Bottle Rockets, Marshall Crenshaw, Marah, Steve Earle & The Dukes, Regina Spektor, Robert Randolph, Los Lobos and the Harlem Parlour Music Club.

In April of 2016 Cowboy Technical Services moved to it’s newest location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The new room has 17′ ceilings and tons of natural light. We have added a 75 year old Steinway Baby Grand to our stable of instruments.   Ambel has also been able to take on mix clients from all over the world thanks to ftp and today’s quick online communication.

Recently Released: The Bottle Rockets: Bit Logic, Surreal McCoys: The Howl & The Growl, The Del-Lords: Elvis Club,  Esquela: Are We Rolling? , Ellen Foley: About Time,  Chris Berardo & the DesBerardos: Somebody Like Me single  Jimbo Mathus & the Tri-State Coalition: White Buffalo, Maynard & the Musties: Cheap Cigar, Spanking Charlene: Where Are The Freaks?,  D.L. Marble: Not The One,  Joe Flood: Joe Flood Translates and Sings Georges Brassens,  Ben Hall: Ben Hall! on Tompkins Square Records,  Chris Barron & The Time Bandits- Songs From The Summer of Sangria,

Soundcloud Produced by Eric Ambel playlist

Produced by Eric Ambel:

14 Feet: Stole Away

Backsliders: Southern Lines- Mammoth Records

Ben Hall: Ben Hall!- Tompkins Square Records

Ben Hall: A Little More Ben Hall!- Tompkins Square Records

Big In Iowa: Green Pop- Blue Rose Records

The Blacks: Dolly Horrorshow- Bloodshot Records
Blood Oranges: Crying Tree- ESD
Blood Oranges: Lone Green Valley- ESD
Blue Mountain: Dog Days- RoadRunner

Bottle Rockets: The Brooklyn Side- Atlantic Records

Bottle Rockets: 24 Hours a Day- Atlantic Record

Bottle Rockets: Leftovers- Doolittle Records

Bottle Rockets: Brand New Year- Doolittle Records

Bottle Rockets: Lean Forward- Bloodshot Records

Bottle Rockets: Not So Loud- Bloodshot Records

Bottle Rockets: South Broadway Athletic Club- Bloodshot Records

Bottle Rockets: Bit Logic-Bloodshot Records

Bourbon Express: Cry About It Later

Butchers Blind: A Place In America: Electric Giant

Cheri Knight: The Knitter- ESD

Chip Robinson: Mylow- Red River Records

Chris Barron: Songs From The Summer of Sangria

Chris Berardo & The Desberardos Single

Chris Harford: Time Warp Deck- Soul Selects Records

The Clintons: Girl Next Door- Coyote/Twintone

Colleen Mann

Cowslingers: West Virginia Dog Track Boogie- Shake It Records
Cowslingers: Thats Truck Drivin’- Sympathy

D.L.Marble: Not The One- Dirt Bag Records

Dark Horses: Come Along- Going Nowhere Records

Del-Lords: Under Construction EP

Del-Lords: Elvis Club- GB Music

Demolition String Band Calling Up Atlantis- Okratone

Demolition String Band: Loving Cup Single

Devil Dog Road: Next Exit Devil

Dog Road: Drive And Out

Dirty 30’s: Dirty 30’s

Disciples of Agriculture: This Same Fate- Kranepool

Dog & Pony Show Ashtrays & Afterlife Money Epiphany

Diesel Only: Rig Rock Deluxe/Various Artists

Diesel Only: Rig Rock Truckstop/Various Artists- Rykodisc

Ellen Foley: About Time

Eric Ambel: Knucklehead- Lakeside Lounge Records
Eric Ambel & Roscoe’s Gang: Loud & Lonesome- ESD/Lakeside Lounge Records
Eric Ambel: Roscoe’s Gang Enigma/Lakeside Lounge Records
Eric Ambel: Revolution Blues/Neil tribute for Bridge School- Innerstate Records

Eric Ambel: Cocaine Eyes More Barn Neil Tribute- Slothrop
Eric Ambel: It’s Heartbreak That Sells/Ray Mason Tribute- Tar Hut
Eric Ambel: “Run Through the Jungle” CCR Tribute- Dren Records

Eric Ambel: 12 Step Program (to quit you babe) Lowe Profile- Brewery Records

Esquela: The Owl Has Landed

Esquela: Are We Rolling?

Esquela: Canis Majoris

Florence Dore: Perfect City- Slewfoot
Freeloader: Cantina Claquer- SVA Recordings

Freedy Johnston: Monkey In Your Soul Elektra “Me, Myself & Irene Soundtrack- Electra
Freedy Johnston: Live @ 33 & 1/3- Singing Magnet

Girls Guns & Glory: Good Luck- Lonesome Day Records

Ghost Wolves: Getchya Hip Thrust 7″

Go To Blazes: Waiting Around For the Crash- ESD
Go To Blazes: Anytime, Anywhere- ESD
Go To Blazes: Live @ the Mercury Lounge- ESD
Go To Blazes: … And Other Crimes- Glitterhouse
Go To Blazes:  Almost A Decade- Glitterhouse

Greg Trooper: The  Williamsburg Affair- 52 Shakes Records 
Greg Trooper: Between a House and a Hard Place-Live from Pine Hills Farm

Gringoman: Monstertrack Suite

Hangtown: Gone Today, Here Tomorrow

High Plains Drifters featuring G.E. Smith
Hot Water Music

I Am The Heat: Life Comes At You Medium Fast
Jack Fords: The Way Things Should Be

Jack Grace: Everything I Say Is A  Lie

Jim Koeppel: Lovesick James

Jimbo Mathus: White Buffalo- Fat Possum Records

Joe Flood: Cripplin’ Crutch- Diesel Only
Joe Flood: New Kind of Blue- Lakeside Lounge Records

Joe Flood: Joe Flood Sings Georges Brassens

Joh Divello: Tell It To Me

Jono Manson: Little Big Man- Paradigm

Karen Hudson: Sonic Bloom

Kasey Anderson: Dead Roses

Kasey Anderson: The Reckoning- Red River Records

Kasey Anderson: Nowhere Nights- Red River Records

Kasey Anderson & Gringoman: Bad Actor

Los Dudes Los Dudes- Republic Records

Los Dudes: Hipster Retirement Home
Love Riot Maybe She Will- Squirrel Boy
Lowdown Payment: Saturday Night

Marshall Crenshaw: What’s In The Bag?- Koch

Mark McKay: Shimmer

Mark McKay: Dakota Dust

Mark McKay: Soon Enough

Martin’s Folly: Man It’s Cold- Tar Hut
Martin’s Folly: Martin’s Folly- Johnson’s Wax
Martin’s Folly: From Hope
Mary Lees Corvette: True Lovers of Adventure- Wild Pitch
Mary Lees Corvette: mary lee’s corvette- Ripe & Ready
Mary Lee’s Corvette: 700 Miles- Bar None

Maynard & The Musties: Cheap Cigar

Maynard & The Musties: Fall On In

Mic Harrison & the High Score: Great Commotion
Miss Ohio: Low

Mojo Nixon Whereabouts Unknown

Mop Tops: Ground Floor Man

New Heathens: Hello Disaster

Nils Lofgren: Crooked Line- Rykodisc

Nils Lofgren: Face The Music- Fantasy

Patrick McGrath: When Black Is Blue

Planetary Nights: Today Ain’t Too Late

Planetary Nights: Shimmer

Planetary Nights: Silken Sky

Rik L Rik: The Lost Album- Posh Boy Records

Robert Randolph

Rob Ryan & His Band

Robbing Mary: Groveland

Robert Becker: Lot

Royal City: Royal City- Athsmatic Kitty

Ryan Adams: Monday Night Down To the Promised, Land- Bloodshot Records
Ryan Adams 2001 CTS Recordings

Sad Bastards of Brooklyn: Volume 1

Sad Bastards of Brooklyn: Volume 2

Sarah Borges: Good & Dirty EP- Lonesome Day Records

Sarah Borges: Caught By The Rain single- Lonesome Day Records

Sarah Borges: Love’s Middle Name- Blue Corn Music

Shannon McNally

Simon & the Bar Sinisters: Look at Me at Cool- Upstart
Simon Chardiet: Bug Bite Daddy- Upstart

Spanking Charlene: Where Are The Freaks?

Spanking Charlene: Dismissed With A Kiss

Spanking Charlene:Find Me Out

South 85: Too Much Town

Squirrel Nut Zippers: Beasts of Burgundy

The Steepwater Band

Steve Wynn: All I Need/Hollies Tribute- Eggbert
Steve Wynn: Milky White- Blue Rose

Surreal McCoys: The Howl & The Growl
Swinging Neckbreakers: Dig It- Telstar

Syd Straw Luxury Condos Compilation- Coyote/Twintone

Sugar Mountain: In the Raw

Tammy Faye Starlite On My Knees
Tammy Faye Starlite Used Country Female Diesel Only

Ted Morris: A New Beginning
Tim Beattie’s Big Dog Polygram Music
Travelling Band: Under The Pavement

Tyne Darling: The Secret November
Whiskeytown: Boone County/Bottom Of the Glass- Bloodshot Records

World Famous Blue Jays: Rig Rock Series
Yayhoos Put The Hammer Down- Lakeside Lounge
Yayhoos Rig Rock Deluxe- Diesel Only/Upstart
Yayhoos Fear Not the Obvious- Bloodshot Records
Yayhoos For A Decade of Sin- Bloodshot Records
Yayhoos Down To the Promised Land- Bloodshot Records