May: the goings on

On May 1st Ambel and his band the Roscoe Trio performed at the Lakeside Lounge with fellow Red River Records artists Kasey Anderson and Chip Robinson.  Ambel produced both artists new records which are available now on CD and vinyl at their websites.  Downloads available at the iTunes store.

Kasey Anderson, Chip Robinson and the Roscoe Trio.

Kasey, Chip and the Roscoe Trio at the Lakeside. Photo by Anna Foster

The rest of May has Ambel producing Patrick McGrath at Cowboy Technical Services in Brooklyn.  Also working on new tracks with Spanking Charlene and mixing the upcoming record by Tom Vollman of Milwaukee before heading down to Springfield, MO to produce basic tracks for the Cropdusters at Lou Whitney’s Studio.  More info on recently released Produced by Eric Ambel records on the producer/mixer page.

Spring in NYC

April News,

Big things going on at Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig.  A little longer than a year after moving to South 5th Street Cowboy Tech is going strong in its new location.  Tim Hatfield, Mario Veile and Ambel have been working hard on improvements to the studio inbetween working on new recordings with Chris Barron and Spanking Charlene.  Listen to the new Chris Barron & The Time Bandits “Songs From The Summer Of Sangria” EP on the Chris Barron Bandcamp page.

iPhone pano snapshot of the new setup at CTS



Ambel has finished work on the first Del-Lords recordings in 20 years in Brooklyn at CTS.  The Under Construction work in progress EP of rough mixes is available now on the band’s website.  The Del-Lords just played their first gigs in 20 years this spring in Spain.

The new Kasey Anderson record Nowhere Nights produced by Ambel is available now on cd and vinyl.

Eric Ambel is producing the upcoming record from Chris Barron and the Time Bandits at CTS.  Ambel has also just completed Ben Hall’s debut record for Tompkins Square Records and is returning to the studio to cut a single with Spanking Charlene.

The latest Ambel produced record to hit the iTunes store is Joe Flood’s New Kind of Blue.

Ambel recently inked a deal with Red River Records to distribute his 3 solo records, Roscoe’s Gang, Loud & Lonesome and Knucklehead to retail stores. Red River is home to Eric Ambel produced artists Kasey Anderson and Chip Robinson.

Eric Ambel w the Del-Lords in Madrid March 5, 10 photo by Judith Both

Eric Ambel w the Del-Lords in Madrid March 5, 10 photo by Judith Both