Video Premier “Hey Mr. DJ” from the Lakeside LP!

Big thanks to the Huffington Post for blasting out “Hey Mr. DJ” today on their website.  Here’s what I wrote and here’s the video.

“When I heard this song I flipped out. I’m not ashamed to be old enough to have made it through the first disco invasion but I never thought there’d be another one. The new one is a little different. The Disco Load Out. You might have noticed it if you were at a show at a club. If you play music You Know what I’m talking about. Right after the band finishes, there’s a lot of scurrying by the staff of the club to get the band and their gear off the stage now to make way for the DJ! The DJ is gonna save the day and he’s gonna be twice as loud as the band and twice as fun. Now I love a great DJ, but that person with the iPad that just kicked us out of our own gig? Not so much. There’s a lot of philosophical chicken/egg discussions to be had but this one’s clear: The record came before the DJ. From my new Lakeside LP, written by my producer, the Jimbo Mathus, and sung by me, here’s ‘Hey Mr. DJ.’”

Lots of gigs happening this summer.  I’m playing with my band, I’m playing solo, I’m playing with Mark McKay, playing with Spanking Charlene, playing with Marc Berger and playing with Sarah Borges and her band too.  Click on the Gigs Page for the latest info and don’t forget to “like” my Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel Facebook page.

photo by Johan Viper

photo by Johan Viper

The limited edition vinyl only Lakeside LP has been getting lots of virtual ink from all over the place.  Head to the press page to read what folks are saying….

Excellent sounds being recorded at the new Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Recently completed mixing for Tom Heyman‘s upcoming LP and an EP from St Luke’s Drifters and a new Marc Berger project has begun.  Check out our page on Facebook and e-mail if you’d like to book some time for your project.

From the kit pano

I have been having a blast doing some house concerts recently.  If you do house concerts or would like to set one up either with the band or solo e-mail for more info.