Out of the blocks in 2011

Much great stuff happinging so far in 2011.  Recordings underway with Jon Divello, Bob McSweeney, Maynard & The Musties, South 85, Nate Schweber and the Del-Lords.  Spanking Charlene‘s new record Where Are The Freaks mixed and waiting to be mastered.  Ben Hall’s exciting debut record on Tompkins Square Records to be released March 29.

April 26 will bring the release of the Gringoman “Monstertrack Suite” single, the first new music from Eric Ambel since Knucklehead.  Gringoman is Ambel’s one man recording band.  You can read about the recording of “Monstertrack Suite” at KnuckleheadNYC .

The Gringoman single, which features art by Taliah Lempert, will be released as a download only by Kasey Anderson’s Red River Records.  There will be a limited run of 100 cd singles signed and numbered available only here at the store page.  You can check out the Gringoman single now at Bandcamp.

Also new at Bandcamp are pages for Mary Lee Kortes’ Songs from the Beulah Rowley Songbook, The Yayhoos Put The Hammer Down and the Del-Lords Under Construction EP.