June is the color…..

….of a busy guy.

Back from working with Lou Whitney on the forthcoming Cropdusters record at The Studio in Springfield, MO.  Ambel will be mixing the new record by Mic Harrison & the Highscore from Knoxville, TN with Tim Hatfield at Cowboy Technical Services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The new Tallboys Of Kentucky record (Red River Records) is complete and being mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Ambel is also working on tracks for New Heathens frontman Nate Schwebber and the very rocking Spanking Charlene.  Later in the month Ambel heads upstate to work on an interesting new project with Joe Flood and Garth Hudson before driving out to Cleveland, OH to be part of a super select guitar amp geek gathering around the briliant creations of Mike Zaite aka Dr Z called “Z-Fest”.  While in Cleveland Ambel will perform with members of the Jack Fords who’s new Roscoe Produced Record has just hit the iTunes Store.

Indian Hills swimming pier Fontana, WI 6.6.10