Get yourself some Christmas Cheer

Hello Friends,

I’ve been telling you about the Solo Sounds label from time to time.  Stereophile Magazine did a nice profile on us in their December issue.  Read it here.  They quote Bullethead and explain the whole thing better than I could.  We’ve probably made 70 solo instrumental albums in the last 3 years.  I found time to record 2 songs myself Solo Sounds style.  You can get them now at all the digital music download spots.  

iTunes: Eric Ambel “The Christmas Song”

iTunes: Eric Ambel “White Christmas”

There’s been all kinds of musical activity this year.  I continued to share the stage with the awesome Sarah Borges playing both of our songs.  I mixed a record for the Finnish rock and roll band Devil Dog Road.  The great Tom Heyman record that I mixed called “Show Business Baby” came out to the delight of many rock and roll fans.  We started work on a new Spanking Charlene studio record and I also produced a new band from NYC called Bourbon Express and started a new Surreal McCoys recording.  All of those records will be out in 2018.  Also for 2018 is the new Squirrel Nut Zippers record titled Beasts of Burgundy.  Mario Viele and I mixed that one too at Cowboy Technical Services in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see me play.  It was a great year and the EU/UK tour with Warner Hodges and Webb Wilder was a real highlight.  Hope to make it over again.

Hope to see some of you on the sold out Outlaw Country Cruise in January too.

Also starting a new record for The Bottle Rockets in February.