Eric Ambel to release 4th solo record “Lakeside” April 1, 2016

Working with Jimbo Mathus on his record “White Buffalo” I made a promise to myself.  If I was going to make another solo record I’d get Jimbo to produce.  The promise comes true with the April 1st release of my 4th solo record titled “Lakeside”.  The record was cut in Brooklyn at my Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig in a couple blasts with Jimbo.  Much of the record was recorded with just Jimbo and I playing.  We brought in my longtime ace players Phil Cimino and Keith Christopher for a few more songs.  All the session details are contained in the deluxe limited edition gatefold vinyl package.  We played songs by myself and Jimbo with some help from Charlene McPherson of Spanking Charlene and the Sad Bastards of Brooklyn.  We also found ourself romping through some old favorites from the sorely missed jukebox at the Lakeside Lounge.  Much the way the late Lou Whitney’s contributions to my first record “Roscoe’s Gang” felt like gifts, Jimbo’s songs felt the same way.  Between the my take on rock and roll, roadhouse country, messy blues and even some non-reissue punk rock we covered a lot of ground and Jimbo got me to put that guitar of mine right up there with my voice.  I’m offering a limited vinyl only edition of 500 signed and numbered.  The vinyl comes with two digital downloads.  One 44.1 cd quality and the other 192 hi-res digital.  The record is available for pre-sale here now. More info on the record at Bio 2016


I also have a few great new records that I’ve produced to tell you about.  The latest from the Sad Bastards of Brooklyn “Volume 2” is out now and available from Bandcamp and iTunes.  It continues where “Volume 1” left off and finishes with a twist as Mo Goldner and Charlene McPherson have included a new original song “Oh Brooklyn” cut in a band context to go with their acoustic duo cover versions including Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”

Sarah Borges‘ new EP “Good & Dirty” was recorded in Brooklyn with my guys and it comes out on Lonesome Day Records March 4th.  Check the gigs page as I’m playing some shows with Sarah soon doing songs from my new record and playing guitar in Sarah’s terrific band.

Jack Grace is another pal from the Lakeside.  Jack enlisted me to produce a record for him and his next one titled “Everything I Say Is A Lie” comes out in April also. I got to play lead guitar with his great band and bask in the sound of Daria Grace and The Nora Jones singing with Jack.

Keep an eye on my Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel Facebook page as I have some Lakeside surprises on the way.  Thanks much,