Autumn Stomp

Kasey Anderson & Gringoman “Bad Actor” single drops, The Tallboys (of Kentucky) release the Ambel produced “Los Ninos Altos”, Del-Lords action and a bunch of guitar gigs.

Kasey Anderson, collaborated with Eric Ambel & Phil Cimino on his new single “Bad Actor” that is available now at Bandcamp and also as part of the digital re-release of his Heart Of A Dog album.  You can listen to the whole song here.

The Tallboys (of Kentucky) are a wild band that Roscoe and Chip Robinson spotted at Alejandro Escovedo’s SXSW party a couple years back.  They came to Brooklyn to record with Ambel and Tim Hatfield  and their record “Los Ninos Altos” is now available through iTunes.

The Del-Lords returned from the TurboRock festival in Spain and are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album.  If you are going to be in NYC for the CMJ Music Fest you can catch them playing at the Lakeside Lounge under the pseudonym “The Elvis Club” at 7pm on October 20th.

Fans and critics are really digging the Bottle Rockets live acoustic record “Not So Loud” which was mixed by Ambel.  Also on the Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel gotta get it list is “Too Much Town” by South Carolina’s South 85.  You can hear the entire record on Bandcamp.

Keep an eye on the gigs page.  Ambel has been playing guitar with Spanking Charlene, Chris Berardo & the DesBerardos, Jon Divello, Los Dudes and Good Luck Mountain.

Also, check out Ambel’s  guitar playing on the Riffing Cowboys “Hank ‘N’ Roll”, a rock ‘n’ roll tribute to Hank Williams.