August 1, 2016 The News from My Desk: Eric “Roscoe” Ambel

Hello Friends,

On April 1st I released “Lakeside”, my first full length solo record since ’05’s “Knucklehead”.  Released on my own label, produced by Jimbo Mathus, only 500 copies of the signed and numbered vinyl record were available here and at gigs.  Since then we got quite a bit of press, released videos for 3 songs (Don’t Make Me Break You Down, Here Come My Love and Hey Mr. DJ which you can see on the videos page) and sold through most of the vinyl records (if you want one act quick, there are only a few left).  To say I’ve been surprised is an understatement.

On August 20th Last Chance Records from Little Rock Arkansas is releasing the Lakeside record on CD and for download purchase through the major outlets and the Hi-Res Specialty joints like HD Tracks and PONO.  Last Chance is going to be able to get the record in stores here and overseas and will also be able to take a swing at radio, things that were way out of my reach.  Click here to get the CD or Download.  CD includes immediate download.

If you purchased the Vinyl record and didn’t get an e-mail from me send a photo of the back corner of your record where it’s singed and numbered to and I have a thank you gift for you.

I’m currently looking for a booking agent and also always looking for House Concerts to do too.  If you have any info on those feel free to write also.

With the help of friends including Sarah Borges I have been lucky to cobble together some gigs for August.  The specific info is on the Gigs page.  Please keep your eye on that page as I’m adding gigs whenever I can plus it has the info on all the bands I play with like Spanking Charlene, Mark McKay and others.  My Facebook page gets flooded with “play Atalanta!” (which I just did in May).  I’m doing my best to get out there.  We are working on some tour plans but please be patient, I’ve got records to produce and a Studio to run also.  Thanks much and hope to see you out there.

Details on the Gigs page

Details on the Gigs page