2015 Springtime State of the Vibe Report

Hello Music lovers,

Happy to report I’ve been very busy with the musics this year.  Here’s the run down on what’s out, what’s coming out and what’s in the works so far this year.

After 3 trips to St. Louis followed by mixing in Brooklyn at Cowboy Technical Services there’s a new Bottle Rockets record ready to go for the fall.  This will be the 6th record I’ve produced for the band and it marks the first time in their 20 year career that they have recorded in their hometown.  The record will be released by the great folks at Bloodshot Records and it will be available on CD, Vinyl and Super Hi Res 192 Digital Download.

B-Rox Sawhorse

I’ve recently completed a record for Jack Grace titled “Everything I Say Is A Lie” with his great band and some awesome guests including The Nora Jones. This one should be available very soon.  I got to play a lot of guitar on it.  You can check Jack’s site for details plus here’s a scoop video for the song “Kanye West (I Hear That You’re The Best)

I’ve done some recordings for Neuroscientist Joe LeDoux and his band the Amygdaloids.  Their latest is an EP that goes along with Joe’s upcoming book titled Anxious to be released in June.

A while back I met this raucous band of Notre Dame Alums called The Surreal McCoys.  Their new one called “The Howl & The Growl comes out any day now.  The band is spread out all over the country from DC to LA with bases in Indiana and the awesome Traverse City, MI but when they get together a big noise happens.  I bet you are gonna like it.


The germination of the followup to the Del-Lords 2013 re-emergence “Elvis Club” has also begun.  The band is all healed up and ready to go.  We are attempting to re-schedule our return to Scandinavia this September and I’m sure we’ll play at least a couple/few northeast dates after we get back.


While I was working with the awesome Boston band Girls Guns & Glory I was lucky enough to be on their record release gig with the band and their friend Sarah Borges.  We were all together on stage for an encore when Sarah took the wheel for a couple tunes.  It took just seconds for her natural bandleader thing knock me sideways.  Fast forward to this year.  We have just started a record together in Brooklyn that we’ll probably do over the course of a few sessions with my guys Phil Cimino and Brett Bass.  We’ve got 3 songs done so far and I can’t wait to get working on the next batch.

Sarah Borges

A couple Friday nights ago we tracked the songs for Charlene McPherson & Mo Goldner’s Sad Bastards of Brooklyn’s “Volume 2”.  Dazzling darkness.

As I’m writing this I’m finishing the mixing for Esquela’s 3rd record titled Obey The Party.  The band keeps getting wilder with their crazy ‘ripped from the headlines’ songs.

I played guitar on the latest Jimbo Mathus release from Fat Possum Records.  Here’s the title cut Blue Healer.  You can’t say I don’t use some reverb now and then.

The big news is that when I met Jimbo Mathus in 2012 to start working on the record that would become “White Buffalo” I knew I’d made a real connection.  While we were making  the record the lightbulb that popped on above my head told me “If I make another record for myself I gotta get Jimbo to produce”.   Well, that’s happening.   We’ll be mixing in a couple weeks and I’ll be very happy to reveal the details on my first record in over 11 years very soon.

****I’ll be performing at Twangfest in St. Louis on June 13th at Off Broadway.  It’s a special night with Jimbo Mathus, myself and the Bottle Rockets.  My special band for the night will include Jimbo, Bottle Rockets bass player Keith Voegele and long time cohort Phil Cimino on the drums.