2015 Fall New Music State of the Vibe info jam

Hello Music Lovers,
here’s the latest from my corner.  New records out and about to be out.

The Bottle Rockets new studio record “South Broadway Athletic Club” is their first studio release since ’08’s “Lean Forward”.  It’s the 6th record I’ve produced for them and the first one they have ever recorded in their hometown of St. Louis, MO.  Thanks to Bloodshot Records and their awesome fans we had enough time in the studio to shoot for the stars and make a ‘record’ of each song.  Longtime fans agree the band has been getting better at everything they do and may have just made the best record of their career.


Jack Grace is a guy I’ve known since the Lakeside days.  I’ve seen him play with a lot of different outfits. Jack wanted me to help him make a no excuses awesome record that he’d still love ten years from now.  I think we pulled it off with his great band, not to mention some help from The Nora Jones.  Jack had me playing a lot of guitar on this one too.  Some of you may have it already.  I’m not sure if it’s all the way “out” but I bet if you contact Jack you can get a copy.

In addition to the Producer Thing I occasionally mix peoples records.  There’s a really cool group of roots rockers from Long Island that I heard about through Rich from the Welldiggers called Butchers Blind.  They have a new batch of tunes called “A Place In America” that I mixed at Evie’s and it’s out October 23rd.  I think you are gonna like it.  More to come from these guys (including me opening for them solo at Hi-Fi on Oct 24.)

I met The Sarah Borges a little while back through the guys from Girls, Guns & Glory and their label Lonesome Day.  After Sarah took the wheel during an encore when Jimmy Ryan and I were playing with GGG I got off stage and introduced myself saying “I love it when you drive”.  Somehow this led to me producing her new record here in Brooklyn at CTS with myself, Phil Cimino and Brett Bass as her band.  The “Good & Dirty” EP will be out in March but you can placate your desire for instant gratification by grabbing the single “Caught By The Rain” from iTunes.

There’s a whacky bunch of guys known as the Surreal McCoys that tracked me down via their guitar guy Elvis McCoy on the Dr-Z Amps Forum.  We made a barnburner of a disc called “The Howl & The Growl“.  It’s got some really wild music on it including their actual played mashup of Whole Lotta Love & Folsom Prison Blues called “Whole Lotta Folsom”.  Do yourself a favor and check them out!


I’ve been recovering from the broken fibula incident that postponed the Del-Lords Scandinavian Jaunt.  We are working on re-scheduling the live dates for early next year and heading into the studio to work on the follow up to Elvis Club in the meantime.  We also have a few copies of the Del-Lords Best Of “Get Tough” available now in the Del-Lords Store Page.

My other big news is that my first solo record since 2005’s “Knucklehead” is completed.  The record was produced by The Jimbo Mathus and recorded by Mario Viele here in Brooklyn.  There will be more news about the LP later in the year.  We hope to have it out in early 2016. If you are interested in the record please sign up for the mailing list and “like” my “Produced By” Facebook page.

Till then I’ll be busy with the Producer thing, the Mixer thing and the Guitar player thing.  I can be reached if you or your band happen to need any of these various things.  As always thanks so much for listening.  I hope you get some enjoyment from some of this great new music.


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