2013: 6 Months, 6 Albums

6 covers


Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel

All of this music is avialable as a cd or a download and the Jimbo Mathus “White Buffalo” is availble on vinyl too.  Please follow the links below to get to the music.

Del-Lords.com Elvis Club is the first Del-Lords full length cd in 23 years.  The band is also playing NYC June 27th.  Visit the website for details.

Jimbo Mathus‘ White Buffalo is available at Fat Possum Jimbo is currently criss crossing the nation with his band the Tri-State Coalition.

Esquela’s 2nd record Are We Rolling? is wild music from Bovina, NY and you can score a copy at the Esquela Joint.

Ellen Foley’s return to recording is a fantastic thing to behold. About Time indeed!

Chris Berardo & The DesBerardos play full on unapologetic Country Rock and their new single is a taste of great things on the way from the band.

Karen Hudson’s Sonic Bloom has just been released.  You gotta hear it.  Great songs, singing and playing.

Hope you enjoy this music.