Dr Z MAZ 8 w audio clips

The MAZ 8 is the latest guitar amp from Dr Z Amps.  It’s a full featured single ended class A tube amp with one EL84 power tube.  The amp features a unique Pentode/Triode switch on the back panel that changes the character of the sound.  It also has an EQ Bypass switch that takes all the tone controls except for the Cut knob out of the circuit.  The EQ Bypass is foot switchable.  Mario Viele and I recorded these clips at Cowboy Technical Services with a Royer 121 Ribbon Microphone into a Cranesong Flamingo pre-amp into Protools via the Burl B2 Bomber A to D converter.  I used a Stonetree Roscoecaster Tele style guitar with Lindy Fralin pickups and a Gibson Historic Les Paul Special equipped with Lindy Fralin P-90 pickups.  We used the Hi input and the amp front panel settings stayed the same on all clips.  The changes in Pentode/Triode, EQ Bypass, Guitars and Guitar pickup settings are noted for each clip.  This MAZ 8 is equipped with a Celestion Alnico Blue speaker.

Amp settings used on all clips

Triode.Tele middle

Pentode.Tele middle

Triode.LP Special middle

Pentode.LP Special middle

Triode.Tele bridge

Pentode.Tele bridge

Triode.Tele bridge EQ bypass

Pentode.Tele bridge EQ bypass

Triode.LP Special bridge EQ bypass

Pentode.LP Special bridge EQ bypass

Dr Z MAZ 8 with Royer 121

The MAZ 8 has a very big sound for an 8 watt amp.  The Doc uses big, high quality transformers in all of his designs.  The 8 watt configuration really allows you to hear the overdrive of the power tube section.  This is an obvious winner in the recording studio.  It’s also great at home with Dr Z’s optional Brake Lite attenuator.  Although it’s only 8 watts with the full tone stack, master volume, reverb and 12″ speaker it doesn’t behave like a typical “small amp”.  I’ve used the MAZ 8 on live gigs.  I’ve used it in Triode mode playing guitar in a ‘singer-songwriter’ situation with bass and drums.  I’ve also used it with a louder full band where it was able to hold its own in Pentode mode.  Other situations where this amp would really shine are on stage for anyone using in ear monitors or as part of a dual amp rig.