State of the Vibe 2017

Hello Friends and Music Fans,

The new year is here and there’s plenty of rock action afoot.  The first thing I have to announce is that this crazy project dreamed up by my friend Bullethead and put into action  by myself and my colleagues at Cowboy Technical Services called Solo Sounds has released it’s first 2 records.  Solo Sounds is a label that presents only solo instrumental recordings of great songs and records.  These are all new recordings, made to the highest standards and we got the best players that we know to help come up with some really awesome stuff.  We’ve been making the records over the last year and a half and will be releasing them digitally a little at a time over the next few months.  I hope you get to experience them. You can follow Solo Sounds on the various Socio-Media.  Links on the Solo Sounds website.

After completely enjoying performing with Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles last year we’ve continued to add more gigs to our calendars.  We play as a band performing each others songs together.  We are headed out for another long weekend in February.  We’ll be in Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City and Pittsburg.  Check the Gigs page for the dates and times

Excited to announce that the Jack Grace record I produced and played on titled Everything I Say Is A Lie will be coming out in March.  Some great songs and great people on that record.  Can’t wait for you to hear it.

I’ve been really blown away by the way my Lakeside record has been received.  First on vinyl, then released digitally and on CD by Last Chance Records we have more news for 2017.

At The Helm Records in the UK will be releasing the record in the spring and it looks like I’ll be traveling overseas in support of the record.  Details to follow.

I have a couple new videos in the works including a Live In The Studio performance video of Gillian Welch’s “Look At Miss Ohio”.  We hope to have it out for you soon.  I always wanted to do a real “Live Performance” video.  Erik Braund helped us pull this off plus I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of having the band play in matching suits.  It’s our tip of the hat to Dave & Gill’s video for The Weekend.

On the set at Braund Studios in Greenpoint, NY

Oh, one more thing.  My band returned to the Livestock Music Festival last summer up in Bovina, NY.  Over the years I’ve been helping my friend Chico from the awesome band Esquela upgrade his music setup there. It’s really gotten quite good.  On top of everything we set him up with a rig that would be able to do live multi-track recording.  I came home from the gig with our set on my hard drive and put it up on my home recording rig to check it out a few weeks later.  I liked the first song, Keith Christopher played great, I liked the second song, Mo Goldner and Phil Cimino played great, I really liked the whole thing so I put a little work into mixing it, having Mario master it and getting Chris Bryson to do some artwork.  So just like that Roscoe Live Vol 1 (Livestock 2016) is on the way!  I’m pressing up a few cd’s and offering downloads for purchase on Bandcamp. Pre-order available now (shipping by Jan 25).  I hope you get a kick out of it.

****CD pre-order includes immediate MP3 download****

Election Eve Gigs Post

Hello Friends,

In the next couple weeks I’m heading out to play some more gigs with the super awesome Sarah Borges.  As you remember I produced Sarah’s most recent Good & Dirty EP.  We’ve been playing some great shows together.  We have a few more coming right around the corner.  All the info is on the Gigs page.  (Nov 11 in St. Louis is sold out.  Tickets still available for nearby Troy, IL on Nov 10) **dates on this photo below are wrong. Detroit is Thursday the 17th and Wapokanetta is Friday Nov 18**

Sarah & Eric November Gigs

Lakeside LP News

I’ve been hearing from plenty of friends that you are hearing songs from the Lakeside LP on SiriusXM Radio.  Outlaw Country has been showing us the love.  Make sure you show some back!  Thanks to Last Chance Records in Little Rock the Lakeside LP is now available at iTunes and on CD on my Store page where all purchases now come with immediate MP3 downloads.

The band and I recently did some recording/filming for a live video at Braund Sound Studios in Greenpoint.  We’ll have some new videos to unveil in the new year.

Overseas info:  Lastly we are super excited to announce that the Lakeside record is going to be released in the UK with distribution throughout the EU by At The Helm Records.  Coming out in late January of 2017.


September missive from The ‘Scoe

Hello Music fans,

August was a real thrill for me.  To play so many gigs in so many places with so many different people, from Alaska to NY and many places in-between was a real thrill. Thanks to Ivan NightJames Dommek Jr.Mark McKayPhil CiminoAndrew GrimmCharlene McPhersonEric Seftel , David Leatherwood, Mo Goldner, Skip WardMary Lee KortesKeith ChristopherSarah BorgesBoey Russell, Sam Smith, Binky of Boston & Kenny Soule.


Livestock 2016 in Bovina. Photo by Jason Sewell

I look forward to playing more dates with my band, solo and with Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles.

Eric Ambel with Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles

Eric Ambel with Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles in Iowa City.  Photo by Gary Elgin

Last Chance Records of Little Rock, Arkansas has picked up my Lakeside album for distribution as a CD and online via iTunes and HDTracks.  I’ll be heading to Nashville this month to play at their Americana Music Association events.  Details on the Gigs page.

As I’ve detailed here our recording studio Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig has gone through some big changes.  We moved to a beautiful sun drenched space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with 17 foot ceilings and have implemented some major upgrades.  We went back to our handmade in Chicago Neotek console, had it re-capped.  Parked a 75 year old 6 foot Steinway baby grand piano upstairs and in the biggest quality jump of all we replaced our A to D/D to A convertors with what we feel are the best sounding ones ever to be made, The BURL Audio Mothership.  Many of you remember that we had 2 channels of BURL before.  Now we have 24 in and 32 out.  Let me tell you, these convertors sound thrilling.  We look forward to showing you just how thrilling they are.

BURL Audio Mothership 24x32

BURL Audio Mothership 24×32

Make sure to keep an eye on the Gigs page and also the Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel and Cowboy Technical Facebook pages for the latest news.

August 1, 2016 The News from My Desk: Eric “Roscoe” Ambel

Hello Friends,

On April 1st I released “Lakeside”, my first full length solo record since ’05’s “Knucklehead”.  Released on my own label, produced by Jimbo Mathus, only 500 copies of the signed and numbered vinyl record were available here and at gigs.  Since then we got quite a bit of press, released videos for 3 songs (Don’t Make Me Break You Down, Here Come My Love and Hey Mr. DJ which you can see on the videos page) and sold through most of the vinyl records (if you want one act quick, there are only a few left).  To say I’ve been surprised is an understatement.

On August 20th Last Chance Records from Little Rock Arkansas is releasing the Lakeside record on CD and for download purchase through the major outlets and the Hi-Res Specialty joints like HD Tracks and PONO.  Last Chance is going to be able to get the record in stores here and overseas and will also be able to take a swing at radio, things that were way out of my reach.  Click here to get the CD or Download.  CD includes immediate download.

If you purchased the Vinyl record and didn’t get an e-mail from me send a photo of the back corner of your record where it’s singed and numbered to and I have a thank you gift for you.

I’m currently looking for a booking agent and also always looking for House Concerts to do too.  If you have any info on those feel free to write also.

With the help of friends including Sarah Borges I have been lucky to cobble together some gigs for August.  The specific info is on the Gigs page.  Please keep your eye on that page as I’m adding gigs whenever I can plus it has the info on all the bands I play with like Spanking Charlene, Mark McKay and others.  My Facebook page gets flooded with “play Atalanta!” (which I just did in May).  I’m doing my best to get out there.  We are working on some tour plans but please be patient, I’ve got records to produce and a Studio to run also.  Thanks much and hope to see you out there.

Details on the Gigs page

Details on the Gigs page

Video Premier “Hey Mr. DJ” from the Lakeside LP!

Big thanks to the Huffington Post for blasting out “Hey Mr. DJ” today on their website.  Here’s what I wrote and here’s the video.

“When I heard this song I flipped out. I’m not ashamed to be old enough to have made it through the first disco invasion but I never thought there’d be another one. The new one is a little different. The Disco Load Out. You might have noticed it if you were at a show at a club. If you play music You Know what I’m talking about. Right after the band finishes, there’s a lot of scurrying by the staff of the club to get the band and their gear off the stage now to make way for the DJ! The DJ is gonna save the day and he’s gonna be twice as loud as the band and twice as fun. Now I love a great DJ, but that person with the iPad that just kicked us out of our own gig? Not so much. There’s a lot of philosophical chicken/egg discussions to be had but this one’s clear: The record came before the DJ. From my new Lakeside LP, written by my producer, the Jimbo Mathus, and sung by me, here’s ‘Hey Mr. DJ.’”

Lots of gigs happening this summer.  I’m playing with my band, I’m playing solo, I’m playing with Mark McKay, playing with Spanking Charlene, playing with Marc Berger and playing with Sarah Borges and her band too.  Click on the Gigs Page for the latest info and don’t forget to “like” my Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel Facebook page.

photo by Johan Viper

photo by Johan Viper

The limited edition vinyl only Lakeside LP has been getting lots of virtual ink from all over the place.  Head to the press page to read what folks are saying….

Excellent sounds being recorded at the new Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Recently completed mixing for Tom Heyman‘s upcoming LP and an EP from St Luke’s Drifters and a new Marc Berger project has begun.  Check out our page on Facebook and e-mail if you’d like to book some time for your project.

From the kit pano

I have been having a blast doing some house concerts recently.  If you do house concerts or would like to set one up either with the band or solo e-mail for more info.

Lakeside LP out! Videos, gigs and a brand new studio too.

Hello Friends, the limited edition (500 copies) signed and numbered vinyl only with included downloads gatefold LP is out and and being delivered around the world.  NY Music Daily says “Lakeside captures the guitarmeister at the top of his game”.  Now I’ve Heard Everything calls it “Perfect”.  You can read a bunch of reviews on the press page.  I’m updating it as they come in.  If you still don’t have the record you can get it here and only here!

The first two of 3 videos that I did with Lakeside producer Jimbo Mathus are out.  “Don’t Make Me Break You Down” was filmed in Jimbo’s back yard in Taylor, Mississippi and the lead off track from the  record, “Here Come My Love” written by Del-Lords bandmate Scott Kempner, was filmed at Cowboy Technical Services last location (where Lakeside was recorded and mixed) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just before we moved the studio to it’s new location in Greenpoint. You can find the videos here.  You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel and we’ll let you know as new stuff gets posted.

I have some gigs booked including a NYC official record release gig at Berlin under 2A on April 29th with Spanking Charlene.  I’m doing some gigs with my band, some solo gigs (a couple opening for the Bottle Rockets) and some gigs with Sarah Borges where I play with her band and she plays with me.  I’m doing my best to get out to play but I’m pretty busy with the new studio and producing more great records for you to check out.

Ambel Berlin Flyer

After 8 great years at what Tim Hatfield and I viewed as a temporary location Cowboy Technical Services was forced to move as the Real Estate Monster in the guise of some conglomeration paid 43 Million Dollars for the run down building we were located at in Williamsburg and kicked 6 floors of tenants out.  At the last minute we found a fabulous new spot for us in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with windows and towering 17 foot ceilings.  The move was tough but we are up and running there now with both tracking and mixing sessions under our belts.  We also added a 75 year old Steinway Grand Piano to our quiver.  It’s parked in an affiliated studio in the same building.  If you’d like to see the new place don’t hesitate to request a tour.

pano from guitar corner band playing pano 1

Eric Ambel to release 4th solo record “Lakeside” April 1, 2016

Working with Jimbo Mathus on his record “White Buffalo” I made a promise to myself.  If I was going to make another solo record I’d get Jimbo to produce.  The promise comes true with the April 1st release of my 4th solo record titled “Lakeside”.  The record was cut in Brooklyn at my Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig in a couple blasts with Jimbo.  Much of the record was recorded with just Jimbo and I playing.  We brought in my longtime ace players Phil Cimino and Keith Christopher for a few more songs.  All the session details are contained in the deluxe limited edition gatefold vinyl package.  We played songs by myself and Jimbo with some help from Charlene McPherson of Spanking Charlene and the Sad Bastards of Brooklyn.  We also found ourself romping through some old favorites from the sorely missed jukebox at the Lakeside Lounge.  Much the way the late Lou Whitney’s contributions to my first record “Roscoe’s Gang” felt like gifts, Jimbo’s songs felt the same way.  Between the my take on rock and roll, roadhouse country, messy blues and even some non-reissue punk rock we covered a lot of ground and Jimbo got me to put that guitar of mine right up there with my voice.  I’m offering a limited vinyl only edition of 500 signed and numbered.  The vinyl comes with two digital downloads.  One 44.1 cd quality and the other 192 hi-res digital.  The record is available for pre-sale here now. More info on the record at Bio 2016


I also have a few great new records that I’ve produced to tell you about.  The latest from the Sad Bastards of Brooklyn “Volume 2” is out now and available from Bandcamp and iTunes.  It continues where “Volume 1” left off and finishes with a twist as Mo Goldner and Charlene McPherson have included a new original song “Oh Brooklyn” cut in a band context to go with their acoustic duo cover versions including Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”

Sarah Borges‘ new EP “Good & Dirty” was recorded in Brooklyn with my guys and it comes out on Lonesome Day Records March 4th.  Check the gigs page as I’m playing some shows with Sarah soon doing songs from my new record and playing guitar in Sarah’s terrific band.

Jack Grace is another pal from the Lakeside.  Jack enlisted me to produce a record for him and his next one titled “Everything I Say Is A Lie” comes out in April also. I got to play lead guitar with his great band and bask in the sound of Daria Grace and The Nora Jones singing with Jack.

Keep an eye on my Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel Facebook page as I have some Lakeside surprises on the way.  Thanks much,


2015 Fall New Music State of the Vibe info jam

Hello Music Lovers,
here’s the latest from my corner.  New records out and about to be out.

The Bottle Rockets new studio record “South Broadway Athletic Club” is their first studio release since ’08’s “Lean Forward”.  It’s the 6th record I’ve produced for them and the first one they have ever recorded in their hometown of St. Louis, MO.  Thanks to Bloodshot Records and their awesome fans we had enough time in the studio to shoot for the stars and make a ‘record’ of each song.  Longtime fans agree the band has been getting better at everything they do and may have just made the best record of their career.


Jack Grace is a guy I’ve known since the Lakeside days.  I’ve seen him play with a lot of different outfits. Jack wanted me to help him make a no excuses awesome record that he’d still love ten years from now.  I think we pulled it off with his great band, not to mention some help from The Nora Jones.  Jack had me playing a lot of guitar on this one too.  Some of you may have it already.  I’m not sure if it’s all the way “out” but I bet if you contact Jack you can get a copy.

In addition to the Producer Thing I occasionally mix peoples records.  There’s a really cool group of roots rockers from Long Island that I heard about through Rich from the Welldiggers called Butchers Blind.  They have a new batch of tunes called “A Place In America” that I mixed at Evie’s and it’s out October 23rd.  I think you are gonna like it.  More to come from these guys (including me opening for them solo at Hi-Fi on Oct 24.)

I met The Sarah Borges a little while back through the guys from Girls, Guns & Glory and their label Lonesome Day.  After Sarah took the wheel during an encore when Jimmy Ryan and I were playing with GGG I got off stage and introduced myself saying “I love it when you drive”.  Somehow this led to me producing her new record here in Brooklyn at CTS with myself, Phil Cimino and Brett Bass as her band.  The “Good & Dirty” EP will be out in March but you can placate your desire for instant gratification by grabbing the single “Caught By The Rain” from iTunes.

There’s a whacky bunch of guys known as the Surreal McCoys that tracked me down via their guitar guy Elvis McCoy on the Dr-Z Amps Forum.  We made a barnburner of a disc called “The Howl & The Growl“.  It’s got some really wild music on it including their actual played mashup of Whole Lotta Love & Folsom Prison Blues called “Whole Lotta Folsom”.  Do yourself a favor and check them out!


I’ve been recovering from the broken fibula incident that postponed the Del-Lords Scandinavian Jaunt.  We are working on re-scheduling the live dates for early next year and heading into the studio to work on the follow up to Elvis Club in the meantime.  We also have a few copies of the Del-Lords Best Of “Get Tough” available now in the Del-Lords Store Page.

My other big news is that my first solo record since 2005’s “Knucklehead” is completed.  The record was produced by The Jimbo Mathus and recorded by Mario Viele here in Brooklyn.  There will be more news about the LP later in the year.  We hope to have it out in early 2016. If you are interested in the record please sign up for the mailing list and “like” my “Produced By” Facebook page.

Till then I’ll be busy with the Producer thing, the Mixer thing and the Guitar player thing.  I can be reached if you or your band happen to need any of these various things.  As always thanks so much for listening.  I hope you get some enjoyment from some of this great new music.


Fall Cd's

2015 Springtime State of the Vibe Report

Hello Music lovers,

Happy to report I’ve been very busy with the musics this year.  Here’s the run down on what’s out, what’s coming out and what’s in the works so far this year.

After 3 trips to St. Louis followed by mixing in Brooklyn at Cowboy Technical Services there’s a new Bottle Rockets record ready to go for the fall.  This will be the 6th record I’ve produced for the band and it marks the first time in their 20 year career that they have recorded in their hometown.  The record will be released by the great folks at Bloodshot Records and it will be available on CD, Vinyl and Super Hi Res 192 Digital Download.

B-Rox Sawhorse

I’ve recently completed a record for Jack Grace titled “Everything I Say Is A Lie” with his great band and some awesome guests including The Nora Jones. This one should be available very soon.  I got to play a lot of guitar on it.  You can check Jack’s site for details plus here’s a scoop video for the song “Kanye West (I Hear That You’re The Best)

I’ve done some recordings for Neuroscientist Joe LeDoux and his band the Amygdaloids.  Their latest is an EP that goes along with Joe’s upcoming book titled Anxious to be released in June.

A while back I met this raucous band of Notre Dame Alums called The Surreal McCoys.  Their new one called “The Howl & The Growl comes out any day now.  The band is spread out all over the country from DC to LA with bases in Indiana and the awesome Traverse City, MI but when they get together a big noise happens.  I bet you are gonna like it.


The germination of the followup to the Del-Lords 2013 re-emergence “Elvis Club” has also begun.  The band is all healed up and ready to go.  We are attempting to re-schedule our return to Scandinavia this September and I’m sure we’ll play at least a couple/few northeast dates after we get back.


While I was working with the awesome Boston band Girls Guns & Glory I was lucky enough to be on their record release gig with the band and their friend Sarah Borges.  We were all together on stage for an encore when Sarah took the wheel for a couple tunes.  It took just seconds for her natural bandleader thing knock me sideways.  Fast forward to this year.  We have just started a record together in Brooklyn that we’ll probably do over the course of a few sessions with my guys Phil Cimino and Brett Bass.  We’ve got 3 songs done so far and I can’t wait to get working on the next batch.

Sarah Borges

A couple Friday nights ago we tracked the songs for Charlene McPherson & Mo Goldner’s Sad Bastards of Brooklyn’s “Volume 2”.  Dazzling darkness.

As I’m writing this I’m finishing the mixing for Esquela’s 3rd record titled Obey The Party.  The band keeps getting wilder with their crazy ‘ripped from the headlines’ songs.

I played guitar on the latest Jimbo Mathus release from Fat Possum Records.  Here’s the title cut Blue Healer.  You can’t say I don’t use some reverb now and then.

The big news is that when I met Jimbo Mathus in 2012 to start working on the record that would become “White Buffalo” I knew I’d made a real connection.  While we were making  the record the lightbulb that popped on above my head told me “If I make another record for myself I gotta get Jimbo to produce”.   Well, that’s happening.   We’ll be mixing in a couple weeks and I’ll be very happy to reveal the details on my first record in over 11 years very soon.

****I’ll be performing at Twangfest in St. Louis on June 13th at Off Broadway.  It’s a special night with Jimbo Mathus, myself and the Bottle Rockets.  My special band for the night will include Jimbo, Bottle Rockets bass player Keith Voegele and long time cohort Phil Cimino on the drums.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2015


I appreciate all the kind words about Joan Jett & The Blackhearts getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  As the guitar player in the original barnstorming band that played every little club in the country I’m very excited for them.  There have been a lot of guys who have contributed to the Blackhearts legacy since Gary Ryan, Danny O’brien and I answered the add in the LA Weekly that said “Joan Jett is looking for 3 good men”.  Before forming the Blackhearts with Joan the three of us had already been a band for a while playing with both Rik L Rik and Top Jimmy in Los Angeles.

I’m very lucky that Kenny Laguna became involved in Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and convinced us, after we’d been to London and Holland, to move from Hollywood to New York City.  Kenny took us to see both the Mets and the Yankees the first week we were here and told us we needed to “pick a team”.  In New York City the band found the lovely and deeply missed late Lee Crystal to play drums and we also got to work with songwriting legend and producer Ritchie Cordell.

I learned quickly that you could do more  in a day in New York than you could in a week in LA. As a guy from Batavia, Illinois I’ve always felt welcome in NYC and it was Joan who brought me here.

Joan’s better than almost anyone knows.  I never saw her do less than a kick ass show from our first month-long Tuesday residency at the Whiskey A Go Go to the last gig I played with her opening for Alice Cooper at the Cape Cod Coliseum.  Of all the people I’ve ever played with only Dan Baird has the kind of rock solid immovable rhythm guitar clock that Joan does.  You can build a fortress on the foundation she lays down with her right hand.

Every year the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts a band that has had more than a few members over the years.  The committee picks the version of the band that gets inducted.  That’s just how it works. The band they went with didn’t include me. I’m fine with that.  The people who saw the original band criss cross the USA booked by Ian Copeland’s fledgling agency FBI at a lot of clubs that never even had an original band before knew they witnessed a real force of nature.  Those original fans became a family that got larger as Joan’s music reached more people.  I’m not alone in the alumni column.  There’s a lot of great guys who came through the band after me that won’t have to buy a new suit either.  Kasim Sultan, Kenny Aronson, Thommy Price and Tony Bruno are a few.  Thommy Price is still playing with Joan.

Again, I’m very thankful for the start in music that I got with Joan.  I’m not sure I ever would have moved to NYC where I started the Del-Lords with Scott Kempner, Frank Funaro and Manny Caiati, began my producing career which would eventually have me working with great people like Nils Lofgren, The Bottle Rockets, Jimbo Mathus, Blue Mountain, Ryan Adams, Mojo Nixon, Spanking Charlene and Freedy Johnston.  I’ve toured and or recorded with lots of great people including Steve Earle & The Dukes also playing on his Grammy winning record The Revolution Starts…Now in 2005.  I’ve been a member of the Yayhoos with Dan Baird, Terry Anderson and Keith Christopher.  Had my own band Roscoe’s Gang and made some solo records including one with the undisputed king of recording in Springfield, MO the late great Lou Whitney.  I own and operate a recording studio (Cowboy Technical) in Williamsburg Brooklyn with my partner Tim Hatfield and also had a great bar called the Lakeside Lounge (1996-2012) in the East Village with my partner “The Hound” Jim Marshall.

And on top of all that I once played “Rebel Rebel” with Joan and the Coasters on a pier on the west side of Manhattan.

So, I’m not gonna be getting cut off on tv saying thanks in my new suit.  As the original guitar player in Joan Jett & The Blackhearts I’m saying thanks here now to Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna, Danny, Gary & Lee and I’m saying thanks to all of you too.

Eric Ambel December 16, 2014

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts at SIR in Hollywood '80

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts at SIR in Hollywood ’80