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Eric Ambel CDs from Lakeside Lounge Records.

With the release of Knucklehead on his own Lakeside Lounge Records Eric "Roscoe" Ambel
guitarist for Steve Earle & The Dukes and the Yayhoos clears the slate on 14 years of tracks that have been clo

gging his iPod. The record features 15 songs with various bands including various Roscoe's Gang configurations, the

all Roscoe "Gringoman", the Bottle Rockets, Martins Folly, some pre-Yayhoos and the Yayhoos recording of the Del-Lords "Judas Kiss" with Steve Earle providing harmony.
The record features some new Ambel compostions (Stepside, Garbagehead, Hole In My Head), some covers by the

Backsliders Chip Robinson, Tom Waits, Neil Young and a previously unreleased Steve Earle tune (The Usual Time). 

Read more about Knucklehead, Roscoe's Gang and Loud & Lonesome on the Press page

Roscoe's Gang and Loud & Lonesome deluxe reissues

Lakeside Lounge Records re-issues Ambel's 2 long out of print solo records.  

Rolling Stone Magazine called Ambel's 1988 debut Roscoe's Gang "The record Keith Richards

hould have made". The core band is Springfield MO's Morells with Syd Straw and

Peter Holsapple as guests.

Loud & Lonesome is Ambel's '94 release featuring songs

written with Kevin Salem, Dan Zanes, Dan Baird and Terry Anderson

A very raw 3 pc muscle car band featuring  Andy York rips through the tunes.

Loud & Lonesome and Roscoe's Gang

both get a blistering re-mastering from the original analog masters.

All 3 titles come in deluxe  digi-pak non jewelcase packaging with new extensive liner notes and photos.


Summer has always given us hope that our favorite Rock and Roll band was about to put out that next big sing-a-long blockbuster hit. Wild and free from the demands of school, we needed that release that great new music gave us! We wanted some loud, rockin' guitars playing great riffs like the ones in "Never Give an Inch" and "Would it Kill You".  We wanted some big fat drums down in a groove and moving our asses like the bombastic "Where's Your Boyfriend At" and the just plain rude, "Getting' Drunk". We wanted jaywalking bass lines that went where they wanted to, when they wanted to, like only Keith Christopher can deliver and does deliver on rambunctious covers like "Love Train" and "Roam". We wanted a great story like "All Dressed Up" and some hard pop like "Hurtin' Thing" But on top of all of that we wanted crazy people screaming their heads off and having a good time! Well, there's plenty of that on here! Just pop on the infectious "Anything/Everything" and try NOT to sing or scream along with the Yayhoos own theme song! It's impossible! And that's all we ever wanted. And that's all you'll find on The Yayhoos new PUT THE HAMMER DOWN.

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The new Yayhoos cd comes packaged in a real nice lookin' non jewelcase digi-pak

****these cd's are avilable exclusively online and at gigs****

Loud & Lonesome
Eric Ambel - Roscoe's Gang
  Yayhoos - Put The Hammer Down  
Price: $15.00
Loud & Lonesome
Price: $15.00
Roscoe's Gang
Price: $15.00
Put The Hammer Down
Price: $15.00

CD's available exclusively online and at gigs

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1. Feel So Good
2. Stepside
3. Lonely Town
4. Does It Look That Bad?
5. It'll Only End In Tears
6. Shake Some Action
7. Hole In My Head
8. Judas Kiss
9. Union Square
10. The Usual Time
11. Always On My Mind
12. Psychic Friend
13. If Walls Could Talk
14. Garbagehead
15. Revolution Blues

Loud & Lonesome

1. Song For The Walls
2. Miles From The Machine
3. Way Outside
4. Three Feet Under
5. I'm Not Alone
6. One More Moment Gone
7. Downtown at Midnight
8. The Rain Won't Stop
9. Long Gone Dream
10. Autumn Rose
11. Red Apple Juice
12. Frozen Head State Park

Roscoe's Gang

1. If You Gotta Go, Go Now
2. Total Destrction To Your Mind
3. The Girl That I Ain´t Got
4. Forever Came Today
5. 30 Days In The Workhouse
6. Power Lounger Theme
7. Don´t Wanna Be Your Friend
8. I Waited For You
9. Next To The Last Waltz
10. Loose Talk
11. You Must Have Me Confused
12. Vampire Blues
13. Power Lounger Theme (guitar)

Put The Hammer Down

1. Where's Your Boyfriend At
    Terry Anderson

2. All Dressed Up
    Terry Anderson

3. Never Give An Inch
    Dan Baird

4. Right As Rain
    Terry Anderson/Dan Baird
5. Love Train
    Kenneth Gamble/Leon Huff

6. Hurtin' Thing
    Eric Ambel

7. Would It Kill You
    Dan Baird/Mary McBride

8. Everything/Anything
    Dan Baird

9. Gettin' Drunk
    Terry Anderson

10. Between You and Me
      Eric Ambel/Terry Anderson/Dan Baird

11. Fittin' To Do
     Terry Anderson/Dan Baird

12. Roam

13. Over the Top
     Keith Christopher/Tony Colton

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