Autumn Stomp

Kasey Anderson & Gringoman “Bad Actor” single drops, The Tallboys (of Kentucky) release the Ambel produced “Los Ninos Altos”, Del-Lords action and a bunch of guitar gigs.

Kasey Anderson, collaborated with Eric Ambel & Phil Cimino on his new single “Bad Actor” that is available now at Bandcamp and also as part of the digital re-release of his Heart Of A Dog album.  You can listen to the whole song here.

The Tallboys (of Kentucky) are a wild band that Roscoe and Chip Robinson spotted at Alejandro Escovedo’s SXSW party a couple years back.  They came to Brooklyn to record with Ambel and Tim Hatfield  and their record “Los Ninos Altos” is now available through iTunes.

The Del-Lords returned from the TurboRock festival in Spain and are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album.  If you are going to be in NYC for the CMJ Music Fest you can catch them playing at the Lakeside Lounge under the pseudonym “The Elvis Club” at 7pm on October 20th.

Fans and critics are really digging the Bottle Rockets live acoustic record “Not So Loud” which was mixed by Ambel.  Also on the Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel gotta get it list is “Too Much Town” by South Carolina’s South 85.  You can hear the entire record on Bandcamp.

Keep an eye on the gigs page.  Ambel has been playing guitar with Spanking Charlene, Chris Berardo & the DesBerardos, Jon Divello, Los Dudes and Good Luck Mountain.

Also, check out Ambel’s  guitar playing on the Riffing Cowboys “Hank ‘N’ Roll”, a rock ‘n’ roll tribute to Hank Williams.


Summer Music Action 2011

Beat the heat w some new music Produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel

A Little More Ben Hall!  4 song EP download on Tompkins Square Records features Ben’s solo version of Lennon & McCartney’s “I Feel Fine”

Tell It To Me by the Jon Divello Band

Too Much Town by South85-You can listen to the whole record at Bandcamp.

The Bottle Rockets “Not So Loud” live acoustic record mixed by Eric Ambel released Aug 16 on Bloodshot.

Where Are The Freaks? by Spanking Charlene is hot and coming soon.

Keep an eye on the Gigs page.

Eric Ambel has been playing guitar with Spanking Charlene, Chris Berardo & the Desberardos, Jon Divello, Good Luck Mountain and his own band Gringoman with Phil Cimino.  The Del-Lords head to Spain for Turbo Rock too!


Out of the blocks in 2011

Much great stuff happinging so far in 2011.  Recordings underway with Jon Divello, Bob McSweeney, Maynard & The Musties, South 85, Nate Schweber and the Del-Lords.  Spanking Charlene‘s new record Where Are The Freaks mixed and waiting to be mastered.  Ben Hall’s exciting debut record on Tompkins Square Records to be released March 29.

April 26 will bring the release of the Gringoman “Monstertrack Suite” single, the first new music from Eric Ambel since Knucklehead.  Gringoman is Ambel’s one man recording band.  You can read about the recording of “Monstertrack Suite” at KnuckleheadNYC .

The Gringoman single, which features art by Taliah Lempert, will be released as a download only by Kasey Anderson’s Red River Records.  There will be a limited run of 100 cd singles signed and numbered available only here at the store page.  You can check out the Gringoman single now at Bandcamp.

Also new at Bandcamp are pages for Mary Lee Kortes’ Songs from the Beulah Rowley Songbook, The Yayhoos Put The Hammer Down and the Del-Lords Under Construction EP.


2010, a good one indeed

Great year for music.  Thanks to all the Production and Mixing clients and to all the great bands that I get to play with.  Here’s a list of recently released music for you, music fans.

Recently Released: Mark McKay: Dakota Dust, Patrick McGrath- When Black Is Blue, Tyne Darling- The Secret November,  Mic Harrison & The High Score- Great Commotion, Chris Barron & The Time Bandits-Songs From The Summer of Sangria,  The Del-Lords- Under Construction EP, Esquela- The Owl Has Landed, Kasey Anderson- Nowhere Nights, Chip Robinson: Mylow, The Bottle Rockets- Lean Forward, The New HeathensHello Disaster, Joe Flood: New Kind of Blue, and The Jack Fords- The Way Things Should Be

Records Underway: Spanking Charlene, Bottle Rockets, Nate Schweber, The Beltways, Chris Berardo & the DesBerardos, Roberty McSweeney, Terry Anderson & The OAKTeam, Jon Divello, The Del-Lords, Gringoman

Custom Esquire buit by Phil Maneri, painted by Todd Hanson

Melton S. Ambel 8.2.1927  – 9.8.2010

Eric Ambel: Alt Root TV

Watch parts 1 & 2 of Reb Lander’s interview with Eric Ambel at Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig in Williamsburg, Brooklyn here.  The Alt Root TV Eric Ambel page also features a player full of Ambel produced tracks from Joe Flood, The New Heathens, Kasey Anderson, Chip Robinson and the Del-Lords.

June is the color…..

….of a busy guy.

Back from working with Lou Whitney on the forthcoming Cropdusters record at The Studio in Springfield, MO.  Ambel will be mixing the new record by Mic Harrison & the Highscore from Knoxville, TN with Tim Hatfield at Cowboy Technical Services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  The new Tallboys Of Kentucky record (Red River Records) is complete and being mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Ambel is also working on tracks for New Heathens frontman Nate Schwebber and the very rocking Spanking Charlene.  Later in the month Ambel heads upstate to work on an interesting new project with Joe Flood and Garth Hudson before driving out to Cleveland, OH to be part of a super select guitar amp geek gathering around the briliant creations of Mike Zaite aka Dr Z called “Z-Fest”.  While in Cleveland Ambel will perform with members of the Jack Fords who’s new Roscoe Produced Record has just hit the iTunes Store.

Indian Hills swimming pier Fontana, WI 6.6.10

May: the goings on

On May 1st Ambel and his band the Roscoe Trio performed at the Lakeside Lounge with fellow Red River Records artists Kasey Anderson and Chip Robinson.  Ambel produced both artists new records which are available now on CD and vinyl at their websites.  Downloads available at the iTunes store.

Kasey Anderson, Chip Robinson and the Roscoe Trio.

Kasey, Chip and the Roscoe Trio at the Lakeside. Photo by Anna Foster

The rest of May has Ambel producing Patrick McGrath at Cowboy Technical Services in Brooklyn.  Also working on new tracks with Spanking Charlene and mixing the upcoming record by Tom Vollman of Milwaukee before heading down to Springfield, MO to produce basic tracks for the Cropdusters at Lou Whitney’s Studio.  More info on recently released Produced by Eric Ambel records on the producer/mixer page.